MDMA + Salvia divonorum

MDMA by Dominic Milton Trott
MDMA by Dominic Milton Trott
Salvia divonorum by David J. Stang
Salvia divonorum by David J. Stang

Low confidence: This risk rating could be wrong, we don't know much about this combination.

Low risk synergy: This combination will enhance the effects of each psychoactive, or sometimes give new effects.

Reports of people trying this psychoactive combination

”I took one big hit of Salvia when the Mdma had peaked. I wasn’t afraid by the salvia entity, I let myself being sourronded by it, it was my better drug experience ever.” Bluelight.

”I was experiencing the fabled ‘layering’ effect Salvia has become well-known for. I could no longer feel my Ecstasy, but this is the only sensation I can remember from perhaps the next five or ten minutes.” Erowid.

We are yet to identify a research publication reporting on this combination. If you know of a publication that demonstrates the risk rating of this combination, please share the publication with us.

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