Psychoactive Combination Matrix

What this chart tells you

How risky it is when you combine two psychoactives.

How this chart works

The coloured square where two psychoactives intersect on the grid is coded to show their combination risk.

Select psychoactives below to show them on the grid, or select psychoactives or combinations in the chart to learn more.


Risk = danger or hazard

Synergy = increased effects, or new effects

Decrease = reduced effects

= low confidence in the risk rating
Significant Risk Greater Risk Minor Risk Low Risk Synergy Low Risk Decrease Low Risk No Synergy
AlcoholAlcoholAlcohol + CannabisAlcohol + CocaineAlcohol + Ketamine
CannabisCannabis + AlcoholCannabisCannabis + CocaineCannabis + Ketamine
CocaineCocaine + AlcoholCocaine + CannabisCocaineCocaine + Ketamine
KetamineKetamine + AlcoholKetamine + CannabisKetamine + CocaineKetamine


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