Cannabis + Ipomea violacea

Cannabis by Nickel Bag of Funk
Cannabis by Nickel Bag of Funk
Ipomea violacea by Paulo Marcelo Adamek
Ipomea violacea by Paulo Marcelo Adamek

Medium confidence: We're pretty sure this risk rating is right, but we aren't certain.

Minor risk: Watch out, this combination might have some unwanted effects.

Reports of people trying this psychoactive combination

”When I closed my eyes, magnificent scenery would appear that is indescribable by any words. In this scenery there were indescribable objects flying towards me and then out into infinity. This was all incredibly intense and lasted from a little after 11:00pm until about 2:30am. At times I wished the intensity would just ease up a little but everything that I saw was so intriguing I didn’t really mind” Erowid.

”My body felt like jelly and my mind was starting to lose it. I was able to reflect on it all during this time and the sense of panic grew. I was conscious of the fact that I was seeing and experiencing EVERYTHING. I felt that I saw every person, every experience, every action, everything was sort of counted as a separate experience, down to the movement of the molecules.” Erowid.

We are yet to identify a research publication reporting on this combination. If you know of a publication that demonstrates the risk rating of this combination, please share the publication with us.

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