Alcohol + GHB/GBL

Alcohol beer by Roberto Strauss
Alcohol beer by Roberto Strauss
GHB by 沢田佳久
GHB by 沢田佳久

Medium confidence: We're pretty sure this risk rating is right, but we aren't certain.

Significant risk: Danger! This is our most dangerous combination rating.

Reports of people trying this psychoactive combination

“I laughed like a lunatic and slurred that I was ok, then completely lost consciousness. I remember nothing of what ensued after that. I woke up in the hospital.” Erowid.

“He had his shirt off and was very hot. He was walking around making strange noises and had a ‘Blank’ but crazy look on his face. He couldn’t or wounldn’t talk, and this got me worried. He sat in a chair, pulled down his pants and underware and defecated in the chair…” Erowid.

We are yet to identify a research publication reporting on this combination. If you know of a publication that demonstrates the risk rating of this combination, please share the publication with us.

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