Opioids + SSRIs

Opioids by GeoTrinity
Opioids by GeoTrinity
SSRI by Tom Varco
SSRI by Tom Varco

High confidence: There is good evidence to support the risk rating of this combination.

Low risk no synergy: This combination won't do much more than the individual effects of the psychoactives involved.

Reports of people trying this psychoactive combination

”…for the most commonly prescribed SSRI antidepressants today, the effect upon enzyme activity is actually quite minor. There are some SSRI’s that were known to have a pretty serious effect upon certain Opioids (re: Fluvoxamine -> Methadone), but the aforementioned drug has been discontinued for the most part, with one of the reasons being that it did have the potential to screw with other prescription medications. This drug is still available, but not commonly prescribed for obvious reasons.” Bluelight.

”I’ve taken both Effexor & Wellbutrin at high doses & neither affected my opiate use/its effects (hydrocodone & oxycodone at the time).” Bluelight.

We are yet to identify a research publication reporting on this combination. If you know of a publication that demonstrates the risk rating of this combination, please share the publication with us.

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