Cathinone + Tabernathe iboga

Mephedrone-2D-skeletal by Ben Mills
Mephedrone-2D-skeletal by Ben Mills
Tabernanthe iboga by Kgjerstad
Tabernanthe iboga by Kgjerstad

Medium confidence: We're pretty sure this risk rating is right, but we aren't certain.

Significant risk: Danger! This is our most dangerous combination rating.

Reports of people trying this psychoactive combination

We are yet to identify an experience report on this combination. If you know of an experience report that demonstrates the risk rating of this combination, please share the experience report with us.

Iboga acts, among others, as an SSRI via inhibiting SERT, which is an issue because khat acts as a serotonin releaser.

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Al-Motarreb, A., Baker, K. & Broadley, K. (2002). Khat: pharmacological and medical aspects and its social use in Yemen. Phytotherapy Research.

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