Amanita muscaria + Mitragyna speciosa

Amanita muscaria by Holger Krisp
Amanita muscaria by Holger Krisp
Mitragyna speciosa by Liam Engel
Mitragyna speciosa by Liam Engel

Low confidence: This risk rating could be wrong, we don't know much about this combination.

Minor risk: Watch out, this combination might have some unwanted effects.

Reports of people trying this psychoactive combination

“…I started to have ‘Whole’ vision tracers, not just seeing my hand move in strobes, it was my whole view shaking wildly and re-conforming in place as my head had made its course. I had noticed that my assemblance point was shifting to weird places like seeing out of my stomach per say, but stomach level view, or having a mild out of body experience like almost as if my body was numb…” Erowid.

“Initially it was a heazy, heazy, body buzz. Almost nitrous like, but less refined. I felt it all over my body. very strange. There were some slight visuals, but very compact. Not moving all over the place, but just everything in the visual field buzzing rapidly, but compactly. A few times I lay down on my couch, to rest, and when I would come to, things were very strange. The body buzz was intense…” Erowid.

We are yet to identify a research publication reporting on this combination. If you know of a publication that demonstrates the risk rating of this combination, please share the publication with us.

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